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We make Game Automation Software for various strategy games including Clash of Queens, Clash of Kings & Clash of Clans, plus we have other games for future automation software in our development pipeline. We sometimes offer lifetime license codes to help fund the various projects we are undertaking, unfortunately these are very rare so be sure to grab one when you can, they are definitely worth it!

Clash BOT is a private company that created QueensBOT & KingsBOT, an automation and scripting solution for Android Games Clash Of Queens & Clash Of Kings. We first released the software in 2016. It continues to grow and set the automation software standard.

Our aim is to provide advanced yet easy to use games automation solutions that can automate anything humans can do in game play. As a strong customer-focused company, we listen intently to what our customers tell us. Clash BOT wouldn't have the products it has today without our clients' invaluable feedback.